by Stan Geberer

Stan Geberer

Stan Geberer

Stan and Roadside Revue band members Ron & Bari Litschauer and Dawn Dewitt
performed for the Friends of the Refuge on January 27, 2019

If I was the author, Loxahatchee is like the book editor.
I write the words to my life, Loxahatchee adds the punctuation, so the sentences make sense.

Loxahatchee brings the clarity of nature to moments.
And, in my life, those moments have often become milestones, life events.
Bringing me closer, into the Everglades, where nature clears away the distractions of an urban world and helps me understand the meaning of the moment.

Loxahatchee is where I took my best friend and his wife way back in the early 1980s.
We got trapped in a torrential South Florida rain.
We were safe, and the excitement and thrill of hiding under the old pump house tin roof helped inspire her to become enchanted with nature.
Ultimately, she became a protector of wild lands, running for city council in New Hampshire.
So strong an advocate she became, a natural preserve was named in her memory after she passed in 2015.
My friend Nicole and her husband Tom always returned to the Everglades when they visited Florida.

Loxahatchee, where I walked so close with a friend, and at that moment a rainbow appeared, signalling our understanding of what two people can mean to each other.

In my home today, my favorite photograph of my parents, in their retirement years, the early 1990s, hangs on the wall...
The picture: taken at Loxahatchee, just a few feet away from where that mildly hallucinogenic cocoplum still grows on the east trail.

Some ten years later, 2003, Loxahatchee is where my father and I took our last walk together before he moved out of town to an assisted living facility... a milestone in the last stage of his life, punctuated by Loxahatchee.
Full circle in the Everglades for him, as in his youth he wanted to be an author writing Everglades stories.

Today, I still feel the need to come here, to recapture the spirit of loved ones found in nature and to punctuate my life yet again.
Playing music here is not just another gig... In fact, the Roadside Revue played music for the Everglades Day celebration every year for more than a decade... Each visit for me is a spiritual event.

Loxahatchee continues to be a place I am drawn to add meaning and clarity to my life... a place I belong and where I find my people in among the water, the birds, and the cypress.

Thank you for inviting me here today, to play some music, and give back a little to a place that has given me much.
That's why we're all friends of Loxahatchee, and hope this place and all it means can continue to be preserved, for us and for others.