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2022-2023 Speaker Series

Scott Joshua Dere

“Romancing Nature with Photography”

• Thursday November 10, 6:00pm
• Online/Virtual Event on Zoom

About Scott Joshua Dere


Scott Joshua Dere believes it’s a privilege to travel the world with the opportunity to experience life in the pristine wilderness, and witness breathtaking views filled with amazing wildlife.
Scenes that invigorate the mind and spirit have an impact on one’s cognitive thinking. The greatest images capture the imagination and take the viewer on a journey of adventure and exploration.
Dere shares his experiences with profound moments captured on camera. He brings photographic imaging to its core expression—maximum meaning from minimal content—in which the visual experience has the emotional impact to transform the viewer. He harnesses the power of light and shadow offering the experience of understanding the size and scale of animals in their environments.
For 25 years, Scott Dere has studied the emotional impact of the photographic process, captivating the mind and spirit, awakening the inner explorer in everyone. To succeed in this advanced visual experience, Scott uses technique, scale, light, and composition to generate a profound emotional connection with animals and birds within the environments they dwell in.
DESCRIPTION: In a time when photography could be called the most popular hobby in the world, it can be difficult to conceive fresh and exciting photographs that touch hearts and minds. Join Scott Joshua Dere for a lecture on how to create images of nature that emit an emotional response from your audience. During this presentation, you'll learn how to approach a scene and read the light, as well as how to use surrounding elements to add aesthetic value. Scott will offer valuable tips on composing photographs that hold your viewers longer by engaging the senses and feelings on a more intimate level. Learn how to tell a story and make your photographs stand out among the crowd!

Two of Scott’s Images Taken at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge: